The Donnas - Don't Wait Up For Me
Album Review

The Donnas – Don’t Wait Up For Me

Traditionally, all-girl bands struggle to gain any credibility in the male dominated climate of the music industry. ‘Don’t wait up for me’, the new single from The Donnas is unfortunately going to to do very little to change that. Gone are the lo-fi garage rock stylings of old, now replaced by scuzzy, plodding guitars, and party all night lyrics reminiscent of ridiculous glam-rock titans, Poison. This is certainly not a good thing. Utterly unconvincing, and desperately clichéd; at times it seems as if even the band themselves are embarrassed to be peddling such third-rate fare. ‘Better Off Dancing’ and ‘Girl Talk’, the other two songs on offer here present very little variation on the same themes, and if it is even possible, are perhaps slightly more tedious than the title track. One to avoid.

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