The Wombats Rock Bestival

It may have been a Sunday morning and most of the Isle of Wight was hungover but the sun was shining because The Wombats were playing.

Bringing life to the weary and hazy hungover Bestival crowd with energy, youth, humour and the fantastic lyrics of Simon Murphy. The Wombats qualities are seemingly endless, with strong backing vocals their songs revolve mainly around the subject of girls, boys and marsupials, or being ten years old again.

It remains to be seen whether the band have anything to warrant an extended shelf-life but this is The Wombats time alright.

Representing Liverpool they did everyone proud: We would have done with a few more artists there such as 28 Costumes and Hot Club de Paris for example but The Wombats put on a great show and have developed amazingly in a short space of time.

Closing their set with 'Backfire at the Disco' leaving everybody bubbling with excitement The Wombats cured multiple hangovers like only a good fry-up from a greasy spoon and indie rock'n'roll can.

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