Exclusive: Tarantino talks to Glasswerk

Quentin Tarantino was in Liverpool this week to promote his new film Deathproof. We were lucky enough go be at the premiere of the film and caught up with the great director to ask a few questions about his choice of soundtrack and ask, what's on your stereo?

QT A lot, my favourite songs at the moment are: Hey there Delilah – [Plain White T's] and Teenagers by My Chemical Romance.

Gwerk Music plays a big part in your films. do you pick the music yourself from your personal record collection?

QT: Yes I do. In fact, I have a record room at home where i go to pick tracks for my films. Like for Pulp Fiction I sat down listening to surf music. For Reservoir Dogs I picked out some 60s hits. I tend to write a screenplay and then pick the genre that will work with it.

Gwerk Cool! What is your favourite piece of music in a film?

QT The tune that plays with the gun fight at the end of 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.' [Ennio Morricone]

Deathproof hits cinemas near you on 21st September. Check out the amazing soundtrack available on Warner Records.

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