The Shermans - Calling It Wrong
Album Review

The Shermans – Calling It Wrong

If there is a music scene in Stirling then surely this quintet is at the forefront? Forever cursed to play university venues…we do hope not.

Having supported the Stone Roses Experience (ageing Brit-pop types) and Tiny Dancers (middle of the road ‘Feeling’ wannabes), it would be nice if The Shermans weren’t cast in the shadows of (Fratellis’ ?) football-loving anthems. Aptly titled single, ‘Calling it wrong’ is indeed calling it so. It is not their best single and is seemingly chosen as was the soundtrack for Soccer AM not too long ago.

In a perfect world, this single would have been titled ‘Smile has gone’ – the B side. ‘Smile’ is not only more memorable than the title track but has a great foot stomping melody and a twangy guitar rift that will have you dancing round in a lasso in yer cowboy boots. We’d like to compare them to Kings of Leon, but they’re more poppy and dare we say, merrier?

Even though they can boast a decent following in their hometown, we sneakily presume that this is a band that needs to be seen live in order for the songs to be done justice. In fact, we may do just this! After all, NME are featuring them in their Breaking Bands competition, which is not the worst thing in the world that could happen to them.

Fratellis knock off’s? We wouldn’t want to insult the Shermanator now would we?!

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