Those Dancing Days - Those Dancing Days / 1000 Words
Album Review

Those Dancing Days – Those Dancing Days / 1000 Words

Whatever people say about this so called NU Rave Craze, through the likes of NU Young Pony Club, CSS and even The Sounds it is bringing the provocative femme pinch to the fore. Stockholm’s, Those Dancing Days, with this self titled tilt use this as just one element in their fuzzy and springing fattening out of euro trash. It displays a rumbling jungle vibe to match the funky and fresh vocals of Linnea.

The sauntering synth of Lisa and Mimmi’s controlled but colourful bass, aids the tightness and adventurousness of this jaunty quintet. ‘1,000 Words’ retains the instrumental colourfulness, but the vocals add a brooding touch to uncover a slightly darker underbelly. Those Dancing Days introduces pop to nu rave and provides potent, yet striking cocktails just for the occasion.

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