Various - I Can Count 2
Album Review

Various – I Can Count 2

I Can Count 2 is as you might have guessed the second installment from I Can Count, the superb electronic pop label hell-bent on releasing damn good music.

Last years simply titled I Can Count received so much hype that it would be a crime for the guys not to produce a follow up, but did anyone conceive that it would be quite so splendid?

I Can Count 2 is a truly superb compilation of the finest new music, a clever mix of neo-pop and synthesized catharsis. Nothing on this record is usual, every corner is a twist, and each title is a standout, which makes it even harder to define what it is I love about it.

However, my personal favourites must be ‘Don’t Be Afraid To Sweat’ -Miss Odd Kid; sexy, beat hard, and fucking cool. ‘Tell Me How’ – SolarPlexus; smooth, cathartic, melancholy. Together these tunes sum up the dynamism with which I Can Count 2 has been compiled. At times it can feel as if the record were thrown together, but it depends how you look at it. My perspective is that it defines the generation of emerging new music. It is typical of the change in social and cultural trends. The refreshing new face of fashion. Let’s hope I Can Count can count to three.

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