The Noisettes - The Count Of Monte Cristo
Album Review

The Noisettes – The Count Of Monte Cristo

If this is the first thing you hear by NOISEttes, you could be in for quite an unexpected treat. Their name doesn’t suit them on this occasion, though the LP ‘Whats the time Mr. Wolf’ holds some great and fine tuned cacophony. Radio edits are generally lacking the nuts and spine of album track anyways, right?!

The Count Of Monte Cristo is a sweet jingly jangly track. A Republic of Loose style intro eases us into this latest offering from London based NOISEttes, before it builds sneakily and subtly.

The addition of bass, percussion and an escalating pinch of chaos to Shingai Shoniwa’s vocal delivery are all introduced calmly and quietly to this sublime mix.

The highlight is the breakdown of the track toward the end, perhaps providing just enough of the diversity that it lacks throughout its enjoyable but somewhat repetitive self! The superb lead vocals just shine, echoing a less emancipated Macy Gray (before she fell into the ‘Chili’s’ trap and irritated everyone by sounding the same in everything she did!).

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