The Thirst - The Thirst EP
Album Review

The Thirst – The Thirst EP

South London’s The Thirst are clearly a band with a lot of ideas. Thrown into the melting pot of sounds evident on this, their debut e.p, are elements of ska, punk, indie, soul and even the occasional venture into jazzier territories.

This, it seems, is both their main strength and simultaneously their biggest weakness. While their eclectic range of influences helps them to stand out from the current crop of indie-punkers doing the rounds, it also, at times, means that the songs lack the kind of focus that the more successful bands of the genre like The Arctic Monkeys have got nailed down.

That’s not to say that these boys are going nowhere fast however. Opener, and lead single My Everything, is a fine slice of up tempo radio rock that’s sure to get even the most stubborn of scenesters toes tapping. Carried by Mensah Cofie-Ageyman’s strong melodies, and underpinned by a riotous funk-punk rhythm section, and a guitar line that stabs and sprawls in equal measure, don’t be surprised to be hearing this occupying a space on the Radio One playlist at some point in the immediate future.

The other songs on offer here, while still promising in places, unfortunately don’t quite deliver on the same level. Tell Lie Vision ventures into cliché when berating the dangers of the media, with Cofie-Ageyman’s lyrics lacking the sharp witted turn of phrase of Alex Turner; while All These Places twists and turns, but ultimately ends up failing to take the listener anywhere during its three minute duration.

An encouraging debut from a talented young band then, who, if they further define their sound, are certainly heading in the right direction.

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