Dragonette - Mix Tape
Album Review

Dragonette – Mix Tape

We’ve all made mixtapes, perhaps to express how you feel to someone through the songs of others, or perhaps to turn someone onto music they had been unfamiliar with, possibly just to make a long car journey a little more interesting.

50 minutes of crudely mixed pop, hip hop, electo and a little more besides, spanning the 70’s til present, I’m guessing is thrown together to showcase the bands musical tastes and influences, and guess work is all there is really as next to no info was provided with the CD, I’m not even sure if there is a Dragonette track on the mixtape or not.

And with nothing else to go on, not even a track listing, I jus kick back and enjoy, launching into Queen’s ‘Killer Queen’ and running through Prince, Ludacris, Ladytron, the Timbaland produced Nelly Furtado, INXS, Grace Kelly and Le Tigre, a love of pop music and a sexually charged undercurrent are apparent throughout, a fair smattering of electro thrown in and the mixtape does hint at the glam and sexy sound that has seen Dragonette compared to early Scissor Sisters.

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