Ladytron return with Simian and Hot Chip remixes

Ladytron this month release new single 'Everything You Touch' with remixes from Simian Mobile Disco and Hot Chip.

Released on So Sweet records, there will also be a re-release of the album 'Witching Hour'.

Ladytron are now officially big in America as the single has received vast amounts of airplay stateside and is already picking up great radio and TV support from the likes of Radio 1, Radio 2, BBC6 Music, XFM and MTV over here.

Meanwhile, the re-release of ‘Witching Hour’ in the UK, with its special edition bonus disc of remixes from Playgroup, Vicarious Bliss, Hot Chip and Simian Mobile Disco among others, is appearing at the perfect time for a newly re-energised Ladyton (as anyone who witnessed their recent Creamfields and sold out London ULU show will testify). And as a whole crop of bands have emerged to blend indie-rock with electropop and energise a new generation, Ladytron have found a whole new set of peers in the likes of Klaxons, New Young Pony Club, Crystal Castles, The Knife and CSS.

The tracklisting of the re-release is as follows:

1. High Rise
2. Destroy Everything You Touch
3. International Dateline
4. Soft Power
7. Sugar
8. Fighting In Built Up Areas
9. The Last One Standing
10. Weekend
11. Beauty*2
12. WhiteLightGenerator
13. All The Way

1. Soft Power – Vicarious Bliss Gutter mix
2. Soft Power – Loz & Bendan Long remix
3. International Dateline – Simian Mobile Disco remix
4. Destroy Everything You Touch – Hot Chip remix
5. Weekend – James Iha remix
6. High Rise – Ladytron Club remix
7. Sugar – Archigram remix
8. Destroy Everything You Touch – Playgroup Vocal edit
9. Nothing To Hide
10. Citadel
11. Tender Talons

Official website: link

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