Take That - Rule The World
Album Review

Take That – Rule The World

Few childhood memories have stuck so fondly in my mind. Coming home on the 427 bus up Copsterhill Rd and seeing a frequently forming mob outside Gary Barlow’s house. Knowing even before I met my best mate Clint, he had kicked Gary’s head in. Ah memories…

I’m not a big Take That fan and in being asked to review their stuff, I was faced with a quandary. However, keen to serve the readers as always I got on with it and found comfort in the knowledge that it was just the 1 track ‘Rule the World’. Taken from the soundtrack of the DC Comics published, Neil Gaiman novella ‘Stardust’, another comic based film I’ll have to try and enjoy as I sit through it waiting for this track. Anyhoo, is it any good, this latest TT offering?

Starting out with a Tasmin Archer/’ Sleeping Satellite’ echoing vocal intro, the track then builds into a predictably constructed song. The actual singing of the title “Rule the World” has been faded out so as to save any embarrassment for what would’ve been a misdirected, vocal drop off or fadeout that I would have loved to hear.

The song itself, generally speaking, is a repetitive and ultra putrid sack of entrails that any 14 year old girl today would undoubtedly scream and scream and scream about, and not in the same way as back in the days of TT, no siree!

I can’t realistically foresee anyone, fans or otherwise, finding any enjoyment in listening to this, sorry!

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