Tonight Is Goodbye - The Birds and the Bees EP
Album Review

Tonight Is Goodbye – The Birds and the Bees EP

If the live shows are anything to go by, Tonight Is Goodbye are full of energy, and this EP certainly is bursting with the stuff. Pop to the max and five tracks to truly rock out to, “The Birds and the Bees EP” is nothing short of incredible.

Having played huge stages, including Brixton Academy for the Taste Of Chaos Tour last year, these boys are no strangers to stars, and the fact that they are all still in their teens makes many envious, but with talent showcased in this record they sure deserve it.

It’s hard to put my hands up and say this is pop, but it is, threaded with drumming to make your heart beat faster, bass beats to make you tremble and guitar riffs to make Brian May quiver. To describe their sound think New Found Glory, meets Taking Back Sunday, with a dash of McFly and Fall Out Boy, with a side order of Foo fighters.

Every track is a hit, and it is most definitely the CD to buy before they get as big as Lost Prophets. It is fantastic, I can’t emphasise that enough, and I can’t think of a bad thing to say about it!

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