Wako - Deconstructive Essence
Album Review

Wako – Deconstructive Essence

It’s a bold move that Wako choose to start with ‘Descent to… .’ a couple of minutes of effects pre-empting the fall into metal hell. It’s reminiscent of when Korn did the countdown on your c.d player on ‘Follow the leader’.

With a wealth of bands in this style -aggressive hardcore edged metal- it’s difficult to make a case for Wako: difficult yes, but necessary. Y’see the tight and dense viscous moves and clearly determined strides made in ‘Abyss’ echo throughout the album and it’s infested with strong movements.

The key lies in performing their material well, and judiciously placing new ideas to flavour existing ones- all the time being careful that they don’t take away from the main premise.

From the just disgustingly good verse sound of ‘Nihilist war god’ to the maths lesson on speed of the aptly titled ‘Paradox essence of deconstructiveness’ Wako are ready built for destruction and hell-bent on releaseing a fight amongst the pit.

When ‘My misery’ looms into view it comes as complete surprise- not because of it’s slow reflective tempo but just how well executed it is-most bands would have either thrown the idea out or simply wouldn’t have been capable of fully realizing it’s potential and for that reason alone Wako deserve your attention.

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