Introducing the delectable pink pop puppy Tori White

A new British singer is about to get to get a very spectacular launch. Nineteen year old Tori White will be debuting her new single in front of The Queen, Prime Minister Gordon Brown and millions of BBC1 viewers live from the Royal Albert Hall on November 10th. Rarely does a new artist emerge with such a weighty burden of expectation upon their shoulders.

Tori, who will be releasing the Poppy Appeal Record 2007, is the 'Vocaltech' music academy pick of the year. She follows on from Victoria Hart, the teenager whom George Clooney recently helped propel towards a multi-million pound record deal.

BBC producers were so impressed with Tori that her performance of 'Please Remember' was chosen for debut at this year's Festival of Remembrance.

Tori was first discovered by pop legend Jim Dooley. Having fronted 'The Dooleys', one of the world's most successful bands, Jim was well placed to judge this formidable talent. “I met Tori's father randomly at a hotel,” Jim reveals .”He mentioned his daughter was a singer and gave me her demo, I was blown away. I knew she was going to be a star, I immediately agreed to be her executive producer, I played her music to a few leading figures – including Dan Saxon and Mark Jaimes, the producers behind Simply Red's millions of sales – they were the ones who were right for Tori. They said she was an amazing talent and we started working on her debut album, now we are about to unleash Britain's biggest new pop star in decades.”

The Royal Albert Hall will be a suitably historic venue for Tori to be introduced to the nation. Tori told Glasswerk “It is an amazing place to be introduced to the country, singing at such an important event is a real honour, I will be nervous but I will be determined to give my very best performance.”

Tori hasn't decided quite what she will say to The Queen yet but is sure she will think of something appropriate. “I have so much to prepare for the big day I haven't had time to worry about that yet! I'll ask if she enjoyed the song, if she says yes then that is all that I'll need to hear.”

'Please Remember' is released on MBop Records on October 29th

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