Look See Proof - Local Hero
Album Review

Look See Proof – Local Hero

Brazen vocal layering that has helped The Cribs stir up a riot wherever go is used to punchy effect for the frenzied indie/post mod stomp of ‘Local Hero’. The dexterously talented David Sells provides the jabbing lead vocal swipes, as well as the choppy bass-lines that give the number a streetwise oomph. Then his bro Lee interweaves with coarse backing and rugged guitars.

This Hertfordshire quartet then takes a step into ballad country for b-side ‘Make Me Someone’. It is a coming of age soul-soother, with David’s vocals taking on a crispier and clearer tack. Although, they lack the universal catchy pounce of The Enemy, comparisons to the Coventry crew are inevitable. This is no bad thing given that the roguish lyrical effect seems to be striking a chord of late.


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