Anemo - Pray
Album Review

Anemo – Pray

Anemo, which derives from the Greek word Anemos that means ‘changing forms’, are a seven-piece rock band from Brighton. With two female vocalists, the band are effortlessly carving a niche for themselves in a much saturated market.

The second single to be lifted from their debut album ‘Slowburn’, ‘Pray’ is a heart-felt scream against war in modern times. Bordering on anthemic, the band use heavy guitars driving bass and drums on this track which builds the song into a nearly-but-not-quite angst-ridden frenzy which threatens to explode from the CD in which it is encased.

The band, who won the 2006 Classic Rock Society Best Live Act award, have written an empassioned rock song with a strong anti-war message. Toying with politics in music can sometimes lead to disaster (‘Shoot The Dog’ anyone?) but with this, Anemo have cracked that particular nut with no problem at all.

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