Ed Harcourt - You Put A Spell On Me
Album Review

Ed Harcourt – You Put A Spell On Me

An increasingly seasoned veteran, Ed Harcourt is becoming one of the most widely recognised singer/songwriter/genius types of his generation. His forthcoming album ‘Until Tomorrow Then’ will be his 6th studio album and is set to be his best if this single is to be any guide.

A strong piano-led ballad with heart-felt lyrics and a wonderful melody, ‘You Put A Spell On Me’ is brilliantly written without being too clever for it’s own good and avoids the possible clichés that songs of this nature often entertain.

A straight, softly encouraged beat is underlaid with a subtle and barely audible string section that compliments the not too harsh but not too soft electric guitar work. Ed’s vocals are spot on and feel as genuinely real as he’s ever been which gives the song a fantastic upsurge of suppressed positivity, making this one of his best songs to date.

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