STATELESS - Stateless
Album Review

Stateless – Bloodstream

Poignant and slinky Unkle/Massive Attack sounds support a yearning, ache filled Jeff Buckley vocal that contrasts perfectly against the more upbeat and optimistic guiding beat. ‘Bloodstream’ by Stateless serves as a reminder as to the as yet uncelebrated future Sheffield sound (hopefully 1 day!) that only they currently have to offer. It’s as refreshing and important and as exquisitely executed as a bath full of lemon zest drawn by the SAS for a zing demanding and resurrected Jesus Christ.

On this 4 track release, we’re treated to the radio and original mixes as well as Hernik Schwarz and Pilooski re-workings, the former predominantly bringing in what might be kettle drums as well as an unnecessary house filled fade out that practically destroys the emotive balance of the track. As for the latter, we’re treated to hand claps which replace the kettle drums amidst an all too repetitive and all too inappropriate mix.

So, 2 good 2 bad… just like watching Match of the Day 2! The people who could’ve mixed this and delivered majestic efforts of grace and style, shudder shudder, but when you break big you gotta give your mates a piece haven’t you, just as I suspect has happened here. Nevertheless, hurrah for Stateless, whose LP review and in-depth interview can also be found here on little ol’ Glasswerk.

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