The Casuals - Confusion
Album Review

The Casuals – Confusion

A debut download-only single, what’s the world coming to? Anthem is written all over this track, engaging and ever escalating right from the outset, ‘Confusion’ by The Casuals prepares us for a rock n roll riot, before their lead singer joins in with his all too wispy and forcibly hoarse vocal which distracts and to some extent disappoints.

By the time we come to realise that although their sound is fantastic, it could use some direction and diversity, we’re torn between another play or moving on, but its imperative, do you hear me, imperative that you give it another chance! And let’s not forget that this is their debut single so, come on lads, we wish you well. Oh yeah, try to work out if you want to go with the ethereal Tim Burgess vocal that’s always being hinted at or the much more appealing but less obtainable deep scowl of maybe someone like Dave Grohl that’s perhaps not being hinted at all… no wait, aim for Josh Homme and you should be somewhere near perfection!

‘Mister Mystery’ sounds like Oasis covering the Eagles in a torrential downpour. The embarrassing yet unabashedly delivered vocal copycatting of Liam Gallagher easily goes one worse than Kelly Jones’ effort on The Stereophonics forgivable ‘Mr Writer’ but becomes easier to stomach when drowned in the accompanying manic sounds of TCs counterparts. Great potential once again, but alas, owing to the lack of composition and accessibility, no cigar! I can’t wait to hear the second album from these guys though.

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