Elmo - If I fall
Album Review

Elmo – If I fall

Glasgow’s Elmo create anthemic and melodic records that justify their status as INXS’ support at the SECC.

‘Blasphemy’ opens up like Linkin Park’s ‘What I’ve Done’ and carries on in that tradition for the rest of the track. An infuriatingly catchy guitar riff rules the song and transforms it into a decent track in its own right.

‘Salvation’ is a big modern-day classic rock track like U2’s ‘Vertigo’ or ‘Elevation’ and although Neil Thompson’s vocals occasionally don’t sound strong enough for a big ol’ drum/guitar-driven track like this, the tune still works in a Snow Patrol ‘Chocolate’ sort of way.

Elmo’s key is in the catchiness of the guitars. This is big stadium-filling stuff that sells by the bucketload.

If they could get ‘If I Fall’ onto a big US show they would probably have the world at their feet, until that day comes Glasgow will have to do.

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