Jaymes Bullet: The Interview

Jaymes Bullet's first release was targeted at the UK seven years ago. Since then she has been busy in collaborative effots, writing her own personal material, and her new music is even featuring on the popular show The L Word.

With her new album the self titled ‘Jaymes Bullet’ we have managed to send her a few questions just to see what has been making her tick these past seven years and what may well hold for her future in music as well as the visual mediums.

So can you tell us what you’ve been up to very briefly since ‘Dead On’

Doing alot of listening… I've been involved with a couple of collaborations; for 06 Winter Chill (via Hed Kandi) I co-wrote the lead-in track “Measure Up” with Eric Kupper – I've also been working on music for tv/film, something i've always seen myself doing. Making music is very cinematic to me. Two of the tracks from my new album, “She” + “Enough Of Your Love” were featured on the last season (4) of the Showtime series, “The LWord”.

Why has it taken 7 years for you to produce this second album?

Ooo, it has been that long, hasn't it. Well, back with “Dead On” there were label problems from which Anteros Bullet/I could not recover, then 9/11 happened and changed my life dramatically. For 10 years prior I'd done nothing but write, record, perform, quite literally every day… I decided to take some time off for the first time, reconnect with a few people, and think about new/better ways to approach my career. It's not that I haven't been writing new music, just that I have yet to let it out.

You changed from Antero’s Bullet to Jaymes Bullet soon after ‘Dead On’ was released. What was your reasoning for this?

That was always the intention. “Dead On” was a special album for me, rather like a book or a movie, so i added the distinction of “Anteros Bullet'”. Anteros, in Greek mythology, is the brother of Eros and represents the return of love. This idea had to do with the central theme of that material. but yes, Jaymes Bullet it is.

The tracks on this new album – were they written and produced in a short period of time, or was it over the long break after your Debut?

The tracks on “Jaymes Bullet” are a compilation of songs I've recorded in various situations over about a 10 year period. I wanted to release a collection of tracks that hadn't had the opportunity to see the light of day, and that i alone own.

Have you any more unproduced Work – Waiting to be released?

I have alot, to be honest.. It’s kind of overwhelming, but i tend to keep moving forward and on to new ideas.

At the risk of sounding cheeky, How long before you think you might produce a Third album?

I'm working on material for an album entitled “Loaded”. Can't wait to release this. As for when, that depends.. Anything I do will most likely be posted on myspace first.

You colaborated on Measure Up. Are their any other artists out there you would like to work with in particular?

So many… i'm open. I adore the way technology has enabled us to collaborate long distance. I like the idea of remixes taking songs to a different place, a different audience. I'd like to see that happen with some of the tracks on Jaymes Bullet.

Have you taken any influence from anyone particular in your career?

I grew up listening to the 4-AD artists and all the early pop-punks. Billie Holiday, Bowie, David Lynch, Hitchcock, Tarantino, early Anne Rice, Helmut Newton.

Getting back to your own music. You seem to have a prefference for music that haunts as much as it soothes. Are there any specific themes that you are drawn to that lead you to writing this kind of music?

I just write about my life, which has at times been a drastic and colorful one. I romance the underdog. I like the idea of transcending our human/earthly limitations. I love exploring what music can do to us sensually. and spiritually.

What hopes do you have for your new album –Where wold you like to see it take you?

I just want it to be heard. I'd like it to lead to new collaborations and more music.

Is there anything else outside of the Music world that you would like to work on?

I'd like to put something on film, and score it of course.

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