Cage The Elephant - Free Love
Album Review

Cage The Elephant – Free Love

Hey hey hey, what have we here?! Cage the Elephant (CTE) and their psychedelically sleeved ’Free Love’ CD. Sounding like the jangly soundtrack to a chemically enhanced come up, this raucous but repetitive track that fleetingly echoes ‘Fire’ by Hendrix and sounds like its performed by a Bearsuit/Primal Scream/Kula Shaker combo just fails to satisfy. But I’m never happy am I? Great sound and energy fail to fully launch this song and the unrealised potential it holds. As for the more alluringly titled ‘Tiny Little Robots’ on the flipside well, it offers up the same enjoyably shambolic delivery and fervour on yet another average song that easily justifies its position on the disc. All in all CTE could use some time out to write, no, to compose their songs before they come back and spill their rock ‘n’ roll fuelled imaginations more effectively all around my living room, I mean bloody hell I’ve just hovered!

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