Elliot Minor - Academy 2
Live Review

Elliot Minor – Academy 2, Manchester

When I turned up, beverage in hand, I had no idea how much I was going to enjoy this show…

Being pretty reluctant to accompany my friend to this show, we spent the entirety of the first support ‘Enjoy Destroy’ in the bar, though from what we could gather we didn’t miss much.

Now, You, Me at 6 have got talent. In more ways than one. The crowd was younger than themselves, which was a feat in itself, although I was still in the mindset that they were 15, though that was when they were doing little local shows about three years ago. The Academy was about half full, full of 14 year olds and their parents, hanging out at the back preparing for fun, and boy did we get it. The 5-piece from Surrey, fresh off tour with Fightstar got the crowd involved. Their opening tune was anthemic and you could tell they were enjoying it as much as the crowd were. Showcasing a new song, slowing it down with a ballad and announcing that they were “the best audience we’ve ever played to”, it sure was party time for the masses. You could see their influences from their performance, inspirational pop-punk from today; Taking Back Sunday, Cute Is What We Aim For, Kids in GlassHouses and some others. All in all, aside from the slow song that just wasn’t fitting for the atmosphere, they set an extremely high standard to follow. They were pretty pop punk that was pretty good.

Not really knowing what on earth to expect from Elliot Minor, and I was greatly surprised. They didn’t really have the image going for them; they seemed like a collection of misfits from across the genres. Their performance was average, they had the energy, but the crowd seemed tame compared to how they were for the support. I didn’t really notice anything outstanding about them, and we managed to sing Fall Out Boy and Brand New perfectly fitting it to every one of their songs, it shows that they are nothing unique, except for the fact they’re British. I had fun though, surely that’s a positive thing?

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