State City Disco - EP
Album Review

State City Disco – EP

Don’t expect to spend anytime relaxing to State City Disco. They pretty much are in your face from the moment ‘Excitement’ thursts open all its techno pop valves. A true child of 80’s electro-pop – this trio of young enthusiasts know where to tip their hats to the past whilst creating something rather entertaining I the process.

London has already got a few 80’s electo bands about; yet most of them so far seem to be more concerned with their image than with the sincerity of the product they are plugging. And many of them are certainley out their plugging away in many of London’s known and otherwise venues. But then the image seems to take over and the product all but seems to disappear (Anyone ever see that Album the Modern (sorry, …I mean Matinee Club) were supposed to have produced? How long ago now?).

So step up State City Disco. They’re own brand of music is as assured as the sly winks I’m sure they are harbouring. Even if the Buck Rogers lazer-gun sound effects in ‘Bring it On’ get a bit much –the sheer 80’s cheesey embelishment of it all just can’t be denied from as early back as you would like to go right up to early 90’s techno. SCD will only have to worry about themselves and not fall into that trap where many retro bands become a joke. The music is certainley solid enough; it should be worth checking them out to see how bemused more straight-laced punters get by their fabulous act.

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