The Pigeon Detectives - Manchester Academy
Live Review

The Pigeon Detectives – Manchester Academy

It’s been the talking point of Mancunian gig-goers throughout the summer; what will the renovated Academy 1 look like, will it rip the heart out of a rustic venue that the like of The White Stripes and The Killers have passed through on their way to Arena-ville? Well, the debate still rages on as the renovations are still taking place and the stench of sweat still lingers from the performance of the above mentioned acts. Much like the venue, the hounding Hemsley indie quintet, One Night Only are not yet finished, but through the rambling, blunt edged and folk coated new single ‘You And Me’. The catchy edge and a vocal lean towards tonight’s headliners imply that unlike the venue, these will be finished in time, well for their debut album that is. ‘Just for Tonight’, instils some racing guitar led energy and personable singer, George Craig soars out his longing vocals and the guitars draw out a melodic ache, it is a bit different to their roots as a Beatles tribute band. Tonight, they showed their own voice and picked up some more future listeners.

Having just witnessed that the sound in this expanding hall holds up as well as it used to, the excitement builds and a bit of weary anticipation does too? Will the proud Yorkshire lads of The Pigeon Detectives proudly sport the shirts of their beloved Leeds, as they are now infamous for so doing? Surely not here on enemy flooring? However, as the Matt Bowman led troupe strut into view the only sign of allegiance is a The Holloways t-shirt, good choice though. ‘I Found Out’, mingles the raw thrust of The Holloways with the rising catchiness of The Kaiser Chiefs. It pleases fervid fans towards the front, no end. Infectious indie never ceases to please and ‘Romantic Type’, tests the acoustics to the limit with help from eager crowd cries.

Naturally, they hug debut album material like it’s their true love that they haven’t seen for months, but still they build up a tempo and keep the interest going with quirky comments between songs and a confident tightness during them. Their live sound tends to give extra force to the jangling guitars creating a hypnotic melody swirl that excites onlookers. The tag of the new Kaiser Chief’s, whilst seeming a little lazy, due to the fact that tonight’s headliners are more of a unit with each member contributing to the between song entertainment and in the support they give to each other. The main reason for the comparison lies in the rising and catchy finale ‘I’m Not Sorry’, featuring a chorus that you could hang your parka on, it is sends an appreciative crowd home humming and singing all the way to Droylsden and beyond.

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