McFly - Greatest Hits
Album Review

McFly – Greatest Hits

When I inserted this disc my Mac asked me, ‘would you like to import CD ‘McFly Greatest Hits’ into your itunes library?’ I hastily clicked ‘No’ and ‘Don’t ask me again’.

I wish I could tell you that I made a mistake on that fateful click, and that I was ‘shocked and surprised by how rich McFly’s body of work actually was.’ But I hadn’t. This is one of the most annoying and soulless pieces of music that I’ve ever heard. It’s manufactured pop gone very, very wrong. Surely even McFly hate McFly.

I always make a point of listening to a whole album before dismissing it out of hand but McFly has become the exception. I can’t possibly listen to the whole thing. It’s just not fair to expect anyone to have to go through that.

So, just to re-cap, this album is total crud.

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