A Pyxie Worm - Harborside
Album Review

A Pyxie Worm – Harborside

Creating soundscapes that need to be drifted around your room before they make any sort of sense, this is what would be going on in Four Tet’s head if he dreamt of collaborating with Zero 7.

Opener ‘Harborside’ sets the tone with its late night/early morning feel. It makes you long to wander around in the very early hours of day watching workers rubbing the sleep away and opening up the counter in the local bakery, people stumbling home from the night before not sure as to what they’ve done. It makes you want to watch life and for that it’s truly amazing.

The incredibly private group (“one female, one male” is all the detail you’re getting) describe the music as “searching for the happiness you haven’t quite reached” and while that may be true for certain listeners, the feelings that this invokes will vary from bedroom to bedroom.

Without wanting to sound too arsey or spiritual, this is incredibly absorbing music that pushes away boundaries and leaves you not wanting to make any comparisons but ultimately realising that as a reviewer its your role.

Put it this way if Sigur Ros forgot the need for an orchestra and instead relied solely on laptops, drums and ok, a lot of other stuff, they’d still struggle to make something as solely beautiful as this. A real surprise and a real find.

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