iNsoFar - Medicine for the Melancholic
Album Review

iNsoFar – Medicine for the Melancholic

Let’s start with some happy news, shall we? Rock ain’t dead, and thank f**k for that. That’s happy news for the few of us who still actually care about the rock scene and don’t take the ‘commercial ‘scene’ we’re being spoon-fed too close to heart.

Listening to ‘Medicine for the Melancholic’, you’re taken back to the times, in the early Naughties, when you were listening to new Brit-bands like The Lost Prophets and Hundred Reasons for the first time. UK rock four-piece, iNsoFar are giving us back that British face of rock that was pure, good and very much REAL. I found myself falling hard for the easy-going, melodic and back-to-basics rock greatness blaring out of my speakers.

Their 8 track mini-album starts off with ‘Reach Out’ a raucous track, which very early Lost Prophets sounding, with the multi-vocals and addictively catchy guitar. ‘Citizen’ is 30 seconds of near quiet-time before we’re stormed into ‘Last Love’.

Hundred Reasons and Biffy Clyro-esqe, ‘Resonate’ is their moderately indie-friendly rock song. Sounds great, but they quickly get their arses back to gear with riff-laden, ‘Never Wrong’, their punkiest anthem yet! Sounds like Alkaline Trio fuelled kicks in the head, LOVE IT! With ‘Vanity’ packing mighty punches and ‘Walk Away’ making you feel all dirty on the inside, we’re left with the edgy ‘Why Forgive?’ to end their immensely awesome album.

Wickedly traditional, iNsoFar are rock gods in the making. Expect to see them to blast us from here to all the way over there. And we’ll only know where that is when we get there, so shut up and enjoy the ride.

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