Paul McCartney - Ever Present Past
Album Review

Paul McCartney – Ever Present Past

Guitar straight off REMs ‘Monster’ LP supports another typically buoyant track from Paul McCartney, his new single ‘Ever Present Past’ (released Nov 5th CD/7”/DIGITAL). The rest of the uninspired instrumentation falls into its designated place within the songs construct, leaving singing room only for Macca to do his usual charming thing. As for his casually delivered ineffectual lyrics well, if chirpy songs of solemn alienation and woe from an ex-Beatle who’s complaining about ‘having too much on his plate’ (a little ironic after his ex almost licked it clean for him) sounds like it could be for you then this could be for you. It’s not offensive or groundbreaking and it’s certainly going to sell, its Macca! Owing for the odd sudden pause, this track is just a little too repetitive and predictable.

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