A Day Called Desire - Vital Signs
Album Review

A Day Called Desire – Vital Signs

It’s not always the rule that bands members have to individually play exceptionally well-just that they have to play well together.

Case in point-A day called desire, an idea can be effective as it wants but if several people are shouting the message, using different methods it’s lost. With ‘Vital signs’ they have decided or comfortably grown into their sound and it works because of how deftly the songs are thrown at you, and the playing of the whole ensemble.

Taking simple lines they create an increasingly rewarding, melodic 36 crazy fist’s sound, constantly surprising: the quick salvo fired solo of ‘Waiting in hiding’ comes from nowhere and is they very definition of a correctly placed idea, it feels like being in bed with someone and stumbling across a tattoo you never knew they had.

So many times they use musical devices which have been, in some cases overused-the palm muted intro to ‘Throwing shapes’ that could fall between the cracks but is elevated through their sheer energy and control-two words rarely found in the same sentence let alone in a young new band.

‘Throwing shapes’ follows a more sophisticated Nonpoint approach and is the most ambitious of the four-sneaking old school metal anthem chords whilst all the time appearing fresh.

It’s the swift and direct attack that holds your interest, with a full length album A day called desire will almost certainly throw themselves into the process and probably the most exciting prospect is that they will try virtually any style of music to get their ideas across-for the time being we have to be thankful they chose metal.

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