Mark Macminn - Hot World
Album Review

Mark Macminn – Hot World

‘Hot World’ threatens to be amazing, but it just never takes off in the way it should. It’s so infuriating because it should be great with its sound of Interpol lightening up and mellowing down, but its just lacking the chorus or the depth for it to be as good as it deserves to be.

‘Shut Up I Hate You’ with its Billie Joe Armstrong vocals is the simplest song here and again just needs to be spruced up to stand out.

‘Breakables’ is the best tune on this collection and shows how good Macminn could potentially be. It’s the best match up of song and lyric and the Iron and Wine feel is a massive bonus. It’s almost a hillbilly Elliot Smith and who wouldn’t get excited by that?

Mark Macminn is a frustrating artist, he’s blatantly got so much talent but at the moment it’s just getting lost somewhere. With the right backing and production he could be around for some time and as there’s so much to like and appreciate here it’d be a shame if he wasn’t.

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