Glasswerk Editorial – 13th November

Recent Studies

Recent studies show that is made up of girls and boys.

Recent studies of these boys and girls show that the main types of music they prefer to listen to, therefore the type of website is/are:

Indie, Rock, Metal, Electro and Folk. (in no particular order)

So by definition of pigeonhole genres, is an Indie, Rock, Metal, Electro and Folk website. Add dashes of Drum ‘n’ Bass, Emo, Punk, Alternative, Hip Hop and R ‘n’ B to that mix and there’s our recipe revealed.

Of course is open to each and every single genre of music in existence but the point here is is our writers, a culmination of the collective voice of our team of music lovers and opinion shakers.

So let’s take a look at what they have been up to this week:

Dave Adair tells us why the Pigeon Detectives went down a storm in Manchester. link

We were at Chibuku Shake Shake in Liverpool for an eventful night link and in the cities top rock venue for the largest Metalfest since anyone up north can remember. link

Ben Rimmer was judge and jury as YSP! WSD! battled with Los Campesinos for who’s the best band on the night in Cambridge's Barfly. link

Owen McKeon turns sour on Kate Nash as his love goes unrequited. link

Ant Standring reviews the new single from Karim Fanous link and also spills the beans on Paul McCartney’s new single. link

And Katy Whitelaw caught up with Scotland’s bright young promoter Craig McGee. link

Luisa Mateus met the delectable although kinda scary Ida Maria. link Don’t get too close!

Reminiscing about Led Zeppelin link with their new compilation and those breathtaking Rufus Wainwright link concerts from February.

We’ve been watching the Simian Mobile Disco link video for obvious reasons and David Ford link because he’s just great.

And really that’s just scraping the surface. I’d be hard pushed to tell you the genres of all these artists so it’s best just to say they are loved by us at and we're sure you feel the same way. If you don't there's always that little comment box underneath.


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