MC Lars - King Tuts Glasgow
Live Review

MC Lars – King Tuts Glasgow

There’s an immediate sense of something special when MC Lars steps onto the stage. Welcomed by a roar of cheers from his army of ‘MC Lars’ t-shirt wearing fans, his brand of ‘post punk laptop rap’ is only a mere step away from genius, as his new dual-video stage show makes its debut.

With the addition of a full backing band in the form of West Sussex support act ‘Last Letter Read’ and his partner in crime DJ, the show is already looking tight.
‘1984 Intro Rap’ kicks everything off sending the fans into frenzy that continues through ‘Hurricane Fresh’, prompting a sing along and some mad dancing from the kids in the middle of the floor.

‘Geoffrey The Joke Giraffe’ breaks up the set nicely, providing a much needed break for the band and fans alike, giving the people at the back time to top up their drinks and they people at the front time to catch their breath – all the while being entertained by a giant giraffe telling jokes.
Yeah I know exactly what you’re thinking. I don’t think anyone in the audience expected it to work either, but it did…and the jokes were damm funny too.
So as Geoffrey departs, its time for part two.
‘Signing Emo’ comes out on top, raking in the most cheers and the creating the best pit to accompany those singing along before history is made with the Supergrass-sampling ‘Ahab’, which is arguably the highlight of the evening.
Then comes ‘iGeneration’, a firm favourite amongst fans and perhaps fittingly, representing the age we are living in.
After all, most of the room looks like they will be going home tonight to act out the songs verse – ‘we sat at our laptops and typed away, web-logged our fears, our hopes and dreams, individuated by digital means’.
Unusually he chooses not to perform ‘Hot Topic Is Not Punk Rock’ which in hindsight was probably a good move, considering most of tonight’s audience look like Hot Topic threw up all over them. Although it has to be said, it hasn’t seemed to bother them in the past, considering his little digs at the so-called emo scene, shine through on certain tracks.

Tonight was all about a new kind of music, the innovative, fresh and exciting kind of which MC Lars is king.

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