Buck 69 - When she whispers your name
Album Review

Buck 69 – When she whispers your name

If Acid Jazz had made a foray into country music ‘Buck 69’ would have been the first act they would have signed.

The 8-piece outfit from Ohio are dripping with funk.

Wah wah guitars, slap bass and a swirling Hammond organ are juxtaposed with a screamin’ Blues vocal and good-ole-boy lyrics.

The album’s title track ‘When She Whispers Your Name’ sounds like something the James Taylor Quartet would be proud of.

It has that ‘70s cop show car chase groove that is perfect todrive to.
Lead singer Tom Clawson has written most of the tracks on this album and while none of the lyrics are particularly complex or inspiring, the sentiment is clear and having some idea of what’s coming next just makes it easier to sing along.

‘Someone Like Me’ takes the pace of the album down to a lazy swing with John Sevilla’s lead guitar growling in the background.

He unleashes his axe again on ‘I’m A King Bee’ a 12-bar blues standard that runs the gamut from a full blown over-driven distortion rock out to quietly accompanying the bass with melodic licks, sparsely positioned between key changes.

‘Buck 69’ are the kind of band that make you wonder why the musicians aren’t more famous.

How can they be so good yet so unknown? Such is the music business.
Look out for ‘Buck 69’ headlining at Wembley or perhaps in a pub near you.

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