Meba - Betcha
Album Review

Meba – Betcha

MEBA are a self-titled ‘futuristic-electronic urban-pop’ duo from Atlanta, Georgia. Putting the ‘indie’ into independent, the pair have set up their own label, Freon Rig Records, to make their material available for public consumption. Their inaugural release is ‘Betcha’, the first single to be lifted from debut album ‘Involution’.

A subterranean chill-out the track is a carefully crafted collision of haunting airy vocals, bitty electronic bleeps and an inventive drum pattern. The cooling groove provides strong foundations for the atmospheric synth sounds as Monterria, one half of the twosome, sings lullaby-like melodies that give the track a character that fans of Aphex Twin’s lighter moments, Tkatka and Culprit 1 will enjoy.

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