One Night Only - You And Me
Album Review

One Night Only – You And Me

With a sound that has been stolen from the Libertines, used, and then re-worked with keyboards, you’d be forgiven for thinking that One Night Only are another crap Doherty/Barat wannabe pop act. You would however, be ever so slightly wrong. A quintet from the North-East, the band release their debut single ‘You And Me’.

The opening gambit “People say, I only hear what I want to, that much is true/ People say, I only see what I want to, so why do I see you” is very reminiscent of Lisa Loeb’s ‘Stay’ both lyrically and melodically, but works brilliantly with the La’s cum Oasis guitars and wonderfully inventive keyboard counter melody.

The lively song is particularly feel-good and should sound very at home on the likes of Virgin and Xfm – a suitably good boundary to cross for any up and coming band with hopes of hitting the big time.

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