KT Tunstall - Saving My Face
Album Review

KT Tunstall – Saving My Face

Sino-Scot KT Tunstall has a penchant for the odd “Woohoo!” on her songs and her current release ‘Saving My Face’ is no exception.

This time, however, it’s less of a Homeric (Simpson of course) whoop of joy and more of a plaintive wail of regret. Regret at showing too much flesh on her last video and looking more like a pop-tart than a singer-songwriter? (Surely that was all tongue-in-cheek irony?) Regret at politicising herself by allowing the Democrats to hijack her music? Or could it be good old disillusionment?

“Everything’s here / but all out of place / losin’my memory / losin’ the best of me.”

However, her confidence shines through in the sparkling synth and guitar combo and in the middle eight:

“leave it all to me / I will do the right thing.”

We’re sure you will KT. Woohoo!

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