Interview with Plastic Little

Jayson Musson AKA Pack of Rats, Michael Stern AKA Squid, Kurt Hunte AKA No Body's Child (NBC), Jon Folmar AKA Jon Thousand, Si Young Lee AKA DJ Si Young and Naeem Juwan AKA MC Spankrock AKA The Freshman are Plastic Little, the potty mouthed Philly rap funkster outfit who, as well as causing quite a scene on the scene, are about to release their latest single ‘I'm Not A Thug (INAT as they like to call it)’ on December 10th, following the singles 'The Jump-off', 'Crambodia'(with Ghostface Killah) and ‘Dopeness’, a track with the years most unforgettable video that you simply must see even if you go blind with embarrassment!

So, I wonder what they’re like when they’re not ‘corrupting the moral fibre of the ruling class by reaching out to their children and tainting the next generation of oppressors’. I caught up with Plastic Little who, with tongues firmly in (their own) cheeks, kindly took time out to answer some questions…

AS: Are you named after the 1994 guy eye candy anime movie of the same name?
PL: Yes we are. It’s a crappy movie though! I do enjoy Japanimation a lot and I remember seeing Plastic Little in my store time after time and I never rented it.

AS: Why choose the title for your outfits name then?
PL: The way the 2 words go together, I like it.

AS: The amazing ‘Dopeness’ video, who’s concept was that then?
PL: The song belongs to Dr.Kurt. Ideas of sassy nurses on the edge of malpractice lawsuits were floating around his head when he came up with the treatment. The director Ted Passon came up with the dance routines and all that and sent it up into space!

AS: What is it that makes the world go round?
PL: Money, sex, penis & pussy, rock ’n’ roll, outrageous guitar solos and drugs.

AS: Does your LP ‘Thug Paradise 2.1’ hold many surprises for the unenlightened?
PL: Maybe, yeah. This is us introducing all to our derelict lifestyle you know, that’s how we rollin’! Welcome 1 and all to our $300 a year lifestyles! Here we are in shiny London sat at a table that’s bigger than my bedroom! A phone call can cost more than our California apartment!

AS: How important do you feel image is in relation to your music?
PL: We’re not concerned at all about that. The way we look is in no way contrived, we’re just doing our own thing (no reference to the De La /Monie Love/Tribe/Queen Latifah).

AS: Where’s the place to be?
PL: Space is the place! Sleeping’s good. The corner store near my house is good too…it sells cheap sandwiches and I like ‘em! Being at 1 with the Dharma too!

AS: Who would you most like to collaborate with?
PL: Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…Missy Elliott amongst others I can’t think of right now.

AS: When you take aim with your sniper rifle, who are you or what are you aiming at?
PL: That’s weird! We start a lot of sentences with ‘If I had a sniper rifle’. Ah, Prescott Bush, credit runners, oh, Bob Marley for bringing us all these love orientated festivals and hippy flake outs no, not really, but seriously (tongue still firmly in cheek) I wanna bring progressive dance music back to the house! Bob Marley was a secret pimp though right?!

AS: What does 2008 hold for you?
PL: Lots of new experiences including a European tour. It’ll be good for us country boys from over yonder!

AS: What was the highlight of your summer?
PL: We toured the West coast of the US, which was fun. Summer’s still hazy though. I may’ve fallen in love again; it’s just too hot over there in the city.

AS: Any career highs or lows you care to share?
PL: I left a NYC after-show party and had no place to go, so I slept in the street. Which was OK, you have to do these things to experience life, like going to the doctor to have him stick his up your ass… Manocide!

AS: Do you enjoy playing live or are you more at home in a studio?
PL: The 2 are completely different you know. We like to perform, even to people who hate us! Being creative is great, making music and all, but performing is more of a release, like ejaculation!

AS: Where do you sit in the grand scheme of things?
PL: We’re an old man boy band here to observe as jesters!

AS: What are you doing when you're not making music?
PL: Making money! No, between us we freelance write, DJ and screen print our own women’s clothes for a boutique in Philly. Yeah, were artists.

AS: Will Karma be cruel or kind to you?
PL: Karmas gonna be real good. I’m gonna come back and get my dick sucked by an elephant!

AS: Have you got an epitaph or a few words for your headstone?
PL: ‘Fuck your couch niggaz’!.. I do like Dave Chappelle’s Rick James inspired work.

AS: Are you following in the footsteps of radical music makers before you, keeping an eye on the game as it were?
PL: Yeah kinda! We’re like the Black Panthers back from the 60s, making music to play to your enemy’s kids! We’re rap Hitler! People have been fucking and dancing and even murdering other folk for eons, so I don’ think the times we’re living in now can be any worse than they have ever been before. Like Billy Joel said ‘We didn’t start the fire’, before he went on to do that kids thing…what’s up with that?!

AS: Plastic Little, thanks, it really has been a blast. May the farce be with you!

Catch them live at the dates below or visit link for more info.
Nov 23rd @ Stealth in Nottingham and the 24th @ Push (Mean Fiddler), London.

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