The Winston Giles Orchestra - Soundtracks for sunrise
Live Review


Excited by the music but terrified by the geography: armed only with an A-Z and a wristband, it was with cold hard fear that I began my Swnful journey. Having moved to Cardiff only the day before my orienteering skills were put to the test.

This is the first ever Swn, brainchild of Radio 1 DJ and new music pioneer Huw Stephens. His idea of holding an event, which not only brings people to Cardiff but also showcases new Welsh talent, looks set to stay following the success of this year’s Swn. The festival presented not only new music but also the latest Welsh film and art offerings.

Thus I made my merry way to what appeared to be the most central location: Clwb Ifor Bach. Quickly equipping myself with a drink I headed upstairs. Big mistake:Black Cesar + G&T = coagulation of the soul – a bit like adding Bailey’s to most things. A broken Stella bottle over the head might have been more appropriate. No disrespect to them (or maybe a little), they rocked out and some people were clearly enjoying it. I scurried off downstairs where it promised to be more reassuringly twee.

“Who the f*ck is this?” I was asked by a fellow audience member halfway through Winston Echo’s performance, nothing like a bit of audience un-appreciation. I, on the other hand was thoroughly enjoying the lyrical magic. Moral ditties such as “I Heard that Your Dog Had Died” taught us all a thing or two (look after your pets in case you wondered). He also tried a couple of ‘writing a song on the spot’ moments as if to demonstrate his musical prowess. Although not to everyone’s taste, (clearly the guy next to me) but I’m always a sucker for Darren Haymen moments of self deprecating wit.

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