Liverpool Music Week Preview

This Weekend in Liverpool Music Week

Friday 30th November

The music week kicks off the weekend at the Carling Academy. Over four hours, four bands are set to perform and get everybody into that Friday feeling!

Good Shoes – New Wave Pop/Rock
HOT Club De Paris – Punk/Hardcore/Jam
GoFASTER>> – New Wave/Pop/Punk
John Kennedy (XFM) – Indie/Experimental

Doors 7pm – 11pm, £8.50

Saturday 1st December

Liverpool’s music week continues at the Carling Academy for another night. Seven hours of hardcore Drum n’ Bass blended with various musical forms makes this event highly anticipated. Already sold all its tickets this night is set to be one of the highlights of the music week.

Pendulum – The Headline artist of the night, combining Drum n’ Bass, Jungle and Breakbeat amongst other styles

DJ Hype – Drum n’ Bass, Jungle and electronica
Dillinja – Drum n’ Bass, Jungle and electronica
Breakfastaz – Breakbeat
MC Tonn Piper – Drum n’ Bass, Metal, Hip Hop
MC S.A.S – Drum n’ Bass, Breakbeat

Doors 7pm – 2am (Sold Out)

Sunday 2nd December

If the night before wasn’t enough (or perhaps too much?) then Sunday has a change of scenery with different events happening around different parts of the city.

Fact Centre

Sigur Ros – Heima (97 mins) – A film from Icelandic “Sigur Ros” featuring performances of songs and two exclusive new numbers.

£6.50 (£4.50 for members)


Combining both Bands and DJ’s give this event a good atmosphere, with 6 acts performing this is an interesting event.

Crystal Castles – Thrash duet
Holy Hail – Indie/Disco house
Robotville – Indie
DJ Revo
DJ Enable Mr Porn
DJ James Rand

Doors 9pm, £6.00

3345 Parr ST

For a more calm set of performances, 3345 Parr St has an acoustic set. Featuring 7 acts, the event is full of talented songwriters/artists that will please your ears. Also with a free entrance making this a perfect opportunity to get involved in the music week and have a general good time.

Jazamin Sinclair – Acoustic A’cappella
Duncan Stuart – Blues/Folk/Indie
Jeff Jepson – Acoustic/Folk
Seedy Player – Trip Hop/Folk
Sam Kearney – Acoustic
Lee Broderick – Folk Rock/Acoustic
Vandal In Berlin – Electro acoustic

Doors 7pm, Free Entry


Similar to the event at 3345 Parr Street minus the acoustic sets. The Bumper will have many acts ranging in various styles to bring a nice combination of sounds. Also with free entrance and ten performances this event is definitely worth checking out.

The Rascals – Indie/Rock
The Suzukis – Rock/Punk
Great Northwestern Hoboes – Rock/Pop
The Deconstructors – Indie/Rock
Whiskey Headshot – Psychedelic/Pop/Indie
The Fools – Pop/Punk
The Spectres – Indie/Psychedelic
Freemaker – Rock/Indie
The Pedantics – Indie/Rock
Lyons and Tigers – Comedy/Lounge/Electronica

Doors 6pm, Free Entry

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