Plain White T’s – (Hate) I really Don’t Like You

Now that the catchy, hazy dust has settled, Tom Higgenson and company show that the romanticised, love will conquer all, chart riding sentimentality of swooning ballad and previous single ‘Delilah’, soon turns sour. This new follow up single is a reaction to Delilah’s annoying habits and it is more like the erstwhile Plain White T’s of old.

‘(Hate) I really Don’t Like You’, is aching and angular rock with a robust melody, setting things up for Higgenson’s drawling whine, the sort of which you feel like doing whenever you see the Spice Girls getting even more press coverage. High School rock in all its bleeding heart self-indulgence is nothing to turn your nose up at. The honeymoon period with Samson’s ex is well and truly over;

“Hate is a strong word, but I really don’t like you.”

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