Aphex Twin LIVE

Luke Vibert, Aphex Twin and Otto Von Shirach, just a few of the names lined up for this weekend's Warehouse Project in Manchester.

The caverns beneath Picadilly will rise from the ground to the sound of the Rephlex records DJs Aphex Twin and Vibert as they promise to take over WHP with their classic sounds of the few-cha.

Manchester's Warehouse Project is creating acclaim for its range of acts and ability to diversify line-ups week in week out.

This show is monumental as a rare opportunity to catch the Windowlicking, dideredooing, analogue bubblebath dipping, chosen lord of drukqs.

Now sponsored by Budweiser Warehouse Project are giving away tickets for Scrtach Perverts, Dillinja + more on December 8th here: link

If you think you have what it takes to perform at WHP check out Annie Mac who is hosting a competition to find the best new amateur DJ here: link

Official Rephlex records website: link

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