Bishops Collar - 4 Track EPK
Album Review

Bishops Collar – 4 Track EPK

With a construct comparable to almost any Killers track, ‘Soft Shoe’ burns on its way alongside an emotional delivery of lyrics by a Bono/Fergal Sharkey/Brandon Flowers echoing vocalist. All the instrumentation is sharp, effective and potentially soaring given the chance though, here, it seems to maintain a suppressed energy that will surely spill out on the next track, won’t it?

The notably more urgent ‘Boy’ is made up of pretty much the same mix of instruments and vocals as its predecessor. We’re gonna need a massive injection of imagination from here on in if were not going to be left bored and indifferent. It’s certainly not entertainment that’s missing, it’s the all important band dynamic that need to shine like it so surely does.

‘Show Some Teeth’ does indeed bring it on! More accessible and even approaching anthem worthy status, this track stirs visions of live concert going into overdrive and therefore my only conclusion can be that this is BCs live favourite, as it is my BC favourite as yet.
Closing on ‘Outlasted’ still features that piercing guitar though the tale telling vocal distracts us as we indulge ourselves with a tale of trauma that’s nicely upheld by a more patient percussionist and smoother sounding accompaniment.

I think the thing that’s perhaps missing here, the damaging element, is the aforementioned flat sound recording that doesn’t allow for any of the real bursts of energy or fervour that are on offer and open for all to hear yet , are tragically restrained within the sound-scape. Great sounding band and massive song-writing potential so, watch this space!

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