Eric Friedmann and The Lucky Rubes - 3 Track EPK
Album Review

Eric Friedmann and The Lucky Rubes – 3 Track EPK

‘Rocketship Nightlight’ sounds like John Cale leading a latter day Lemonheads through an accessible and openly constructed song that could’ve quite easily been written by REM. Some great guitar distracts from the somewhat monotone vocal that sings a percussion fuelled song that’s filled with quirky lyrics throughout. Ambling along with the energy of the ‘Eagles’, EF & co are ear friendly to say the least. Let’s see what the next track offers up.
‘Deadline’ is surely pure homage to all the cowboy trucker types out there. Upbeat and on the move this initially menacing track eases soon enough to invite all for a good old toe tapping, hand clapping time. Not a million miles removed from the previous track, but certainly far enough to avoid any pigeonholing for a band that could perhaps be labelled as just another band on the circuit. But there’s an abundance of obvious charm and talent that disproves any doubters out there.
‘Telephone Girl’ has some superb hand clap assisted percussion going on, sneakily upholding the sparse but nonetheless pleasing guitar work. Yet another dimension to this bands sound that, owing for the regrettably monotone vocal, defies description beyond well, just plain dandy!

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