Stephen Fretwell - Now
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Stephen Fretwell – Now

Stephen Fretwell; Now (Fiction 14/1/2008)

The masterful, earthy and gritty Yorkshire man, Stephen Fretwell continues to show the potency of his stripped down acoustic base that has dominated 2nd album ‘Man On The Roof’.

His slow and mournful piano touch slides alongside a meandering blues acoustic element, building into a soulful/blues lament. An aching heart is not only displayed, but it is framed too. Fretwell’s vocals turn into almost into a cry out and feeling starts to dominate his song-writing. The UK has an earnest, honest and sincere musician to proudly call their own.

Catch Fretters live on his forthcoming UK tour;

16 January – Manchester, Night and Day
21 January – London, The Luminaire
25 January – Belfast, The Limelight
26 January – Dublin, The Sugar Club
28 January – London, The Troubadour
30 January – Manchester, Night and Day

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