Tips For 2008 – Say Hello To The Dora Steins!

At this time of year its customary for us music jorno's to put forward a few of the artists which we believe will be the next big thing, or the ‘ones to watch’ in the coming months. A few of the unknown bands which we think will be worth getting excited about in the New Year.
Well, cue, the catchiest, most stylish and dare I say it, best-unsigned band on the planet.
At the moment 5–piece Scandinavian darlings The Dora Steins are doing the rounds online and may be only really known in their native Sweden, however even just sampling some of their MySpace demos will tell you that they are a band capable of dominating the UK's bustling indie scene.

Being based in Sweden and currently in the middle of signing a record deal, the Dora Steins were unavailable to meet up for a chat, however they did take the time out to answer some of Glasswerk’s emailed questions. As we say in the U.K, Dora Steins, cheers.

RJ: Hello, who are the Dora Steins?

The Dora Steins (all together): “The Dora Steins are the five fictive Steins: Judith: Vocals, Sad Bill: Keyboards, Simon: Guitar, Burn: double bass, Nathan: Drums

RJ: And what are you up to right now?

Judith: “We’re preparing for the next Dora Steins move, enjoying Christmas, and thinking of our record.”

RJ: When can we expect a debut record?

Judith: “Soon soon! We’re about to sign a deal. We will hopefully release a full length album in the new year (as) we have enough songs for an album.”

RJ: As it’s around that time of year, I’ll ask, what’s your opinion on Christmas?

Sad Bill: “You may be religious or not (but) Christmas is an important holiday nevertheless, because it has become a symbol of caring. Even if you choose to care or not, the overall message is ‘be good to each other’, and that can never be wrong even if some people turn it into hypocrisy. It is a cliché, but we would all feel better if we show goodness to the next man/woman that we meet. Walking without prejudices… (Judith loves Christmas and all the Christmas songs that comes with it – Frank Sinatra, Doris Day, Dean Martin, Bing Crosby etc)”

RJ: What are your hopes for 2008?

Nathan: “To give more and want less, love more and show less indifference, say little and do much…”

RJ: Any New Year resolutions?

Nathan: “They are supposed to be secret! But we never keep them anyway so…”

RJ: What inspires you?

Simon: “I really love hearing new music and that inspires me in my own work. Also just being around creative people and good players like The Dora Steins… that helps a lot too.

RJ: What are your musical ‘loves’?

Judith: “The members all have different likings but share the same LOVE for ‘the good-music-that makes you wanna-go-wah!”

RJ: In my opinion some of the lyrics in your songs are terrific – mainly the line in ‘Stay…’ – “Suburban nights, couples holding tight/ Everyone was hotter than Madonna” – What do you think was Madonna’s ‘hottest’ period in time?

Burn: “THANKS!! Madonna is hot. Judith prefers the get-into-the-groove-Madonna.”

RJ: There is a video on your MySpace page, ’Creation Of The Solo Week. Can you explain this; it’s a little strange…

Burn: “It just shows an example of a normal creative phase in the everyday life of the Steins artistry. We have like everybody else, ups and downs. We yell at each other, we hug each other, but in the end we always have a result that we all like. And this video shows one example of this. The video is about the anguish before the solo was made. It’s from one of the studio sessions in 2007.”

RJ: I previously commented on your bands ‘look’, saying that you had ‘geek chic’. Are you a vain bunch of people?

Nathan: “All the Steins are a bit in-officially vain sometimes… We think we’re just chic.”

RJ: As far as the UK is concerned, you guys are quite new and dare I say it, unknown – What’s the reaction to you been like in Sweden? Quite promising?

Nathan: “Yes, although we haven’t released anything, we have had a lot of reactions and they are good… We are quite surprised that we have had all these reactions without any release! In the UK we are completely unknown except for a very few very nice persons who takes interest in us on MySpace and don’t we love it!”

RJ: And finally, when can we expect to see The Dora Steins play in the UK?

Judith: “Hopefully spring/ summer 08, as soon as we get the record done…!”

RJ: Cheers again!


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