Interview with Kingsley from The Chapman Family

The Chapman Family’s Kingsley (vocals and guitar) joined us for a chat about this and that, curious? Then read on…

Who are The Chapman Family? Why did you nick their name?

Kingsley: Tut tut you’re making the assumption that we’re not all related!! How dare you! We’re the noughties Osmonds don’t cha know.

Describe your sound in 20 words. Now do it in 8 words. Now in 2. Now 1.

20 – Hello we are a band from the north east of England but that does not mean you should hate us
8 – We are sometimes noisy and we break stuff
2 – Blood, Sweat
1 – Tears

Where are you going? Literally and metaphorically…

K: Literally – I am going to walk my little doggie and possibly go through the park but have to be careful as it’s a haven for flashers and kids with bottles of cheap cider. Being a bit of a dandy it makes me a target for both camps.
Metaphorically – I’m on the highway to hell. Or the A19 as it’s more commonly known.

What has been your highlight so far today and over the bands career?

K: Today – faking a sickie and not going into work so I could mess about on the internet all day. Don’t tell anyone.
The bands’ “career” – getting thrown out of the backstage area at a north east festival for trying to steal Badly Drawn Boy’s stupid hat. (While it was on his head).

Picked up any stalkers?

K: You call them stalkers, we call them fans. They just show their love in a slightly different way. As someone who attempted to stalk Brett Anderson out of Suede at one point I understand their pain.

Do you like to tour? Do you prefer Travelodge's, Travel Inns or Urbis hotels?

K: Travel Inns are our weapon of choice if we get paid enough for a gig. There’s no messing with a Travel Inn you see, they’re functional and as long as the power shower is powerful enough there’s no need to complain. Travelodge’s seem to think that they are much better than what they are – they have ideas above their station and you never get enough coffee sachets either.
When we played In The City last year we stayed in a Travel Inn near the GMEX and the night porter gave us loads of free coffee and milk and stuff because we bought her a little cake from the 24 hour supermarket on Oxford Road. You don’t get that sort of service at a Travelodge. I have no concept of what Urbis is but it sounds poncey.

Weirdest place you have played?

K: We played on the back of a truck in a farmers field in the middle of winter to about 15 people. It wasn’t weird really, it was just stupid. And very, very cold.

What is the wrongest CD that you own?

K: Depends on what you classify as wrong really. I have Hanson’s first album. Depends if you like “Mmmbop” or not I suppose. My favourite Hanson song is “Where is the love” which was the follow up single.

What is the rightest CD that you own?

K: Right Said Fred “Deeply Dippy” CD single. It’s awesome.

Most famous person you have met?

K: I used to be a bell boy in a hotel in Sheffield when I was at university there and I once carried Carol Smilie’s bags for her. On the same day I didn’t exactly meet him as such but I overheard “Handy Andy” in the bar moaning about how lazy Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen was. The next morning I got Lawrence’s’ autograph, he smelt exactly as you’d expect – of elderberries. I also used to go out with the girl who did the “pop” thing in the old Snap, Crackle and Pop adverts. She was also in an advert for Zanussi too. I’ve met all the stars me.

Looking forward to dressing up for The Dickensian Disco? What is your favourite outfit?

K: Any excuse to dress up is alright by us. We recently did a gig in Newcastle dressed as Adam and The Ants which was nice. Ridicule is nothing to be scared of. Growing up with a name like “Kingsley” I’m pretty resistant to ridicule these days so going on stage like a character out of A Christmas Carol doesn’t fill me with dread, infact I’m looking forward to it!

Leather or Lace?

K: Leather or Lace is the name of a soft rock compilation I used to steal off my dad years ago. It had a bloke in full on rock leathers on one side and a scantily clad lady on the other side of the cover (dressed in lace strangely enough) and had songs by Heart and Bryan Adams. It was rubbish but the cover was quite good.

The Chapman Family are spreading their punk energy throughout the UK during Feb, March and April.

Playing 16th Feb @ Dry Bar, Manchester at Dickensian Disco: Buy Tickets link
Check out their myspace for more details.

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