The Rascals Interview

September 2006 saw the birth of The Rascals (TR), a scouse outfit fuelled with as much attitude as anyone might expect. Good buddies with Arctic Monkeys and signed to Deltasonic, Miles Kane (guitar), Greg Mighall (drums) and Joe Edwards (bass) are scheduled to release an LP in June. Anyways, how about that interview?

AS: WHO is most influential on your sound?
TR: Loads really. Scott Walker, Queens of the Stone Age, Beatles I suppose, bit of MF Doom.

AS: WHERE do you sit in the grand scheme of things?
TR: Chairs, mostly.

AS: WHAT act could you quite happily take out, mid concert, with your sniper rifle?
TR: Sting, U2, the usual.

AS: WHY the name?
TR: 'Cause we are.

AS: WHEN is bedtime, more half 9 with a half read book or half 4 with fully red eyes?
TR: Bit of both.

AS: I'm curious as to who might be the most likely to go solo or crazy?
TR: Greg is planning a solo album called Aggressive Affection to be followed by Progressive Affection, which naturally has more of a prog leaning than it's largely percussion driven predecessor.

AS: Any choice epitaphs for your collective headstone when you go to bear heaven?
TR: I have no idea what or where bear heaven is.

AS: WHERE do you enjoy playing live the most?
TR: Liverpool's always good, but then they've all been good really. Anywhere where people are having it will do me.

AS: WHAT makes you better than everyone else?
TR: Good lyrics, dark tunes, it kicks right off live. Three best mates having a ball. Come on.

AS: Where do you go when it all gets too much?
TR: It doesn't really… The bath.

AS: WHO would you most like to collaborate with?
TR: Greg reckons Bobby Brown.

AS: WISH you were doing anything else with your time other than music?
TR: Apart from these questionnaires?

Well, thanks a bunch Joe, that was really informative and insightful.

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