Win Goodies From The Metros

Oh wow is this excitin', we've only got goodies from The Metros to give to you lucky people.

If you're already a fan you'll be sending in the answer as we speak, otherwise have a read of the cd review for the new single Education Pt.2 which is OUT NOW!!!

So what can you win? Well get comfy and let me tell you, we've got signed copies of a limited edition white label 12″, featuring live tracks from their Astoria gig with The View last year. There are only a few hundred copies in existence, but we have five copies up for grabs. There may even be some other bit 'n' bobs to be had.

Now, you're gonna have to earn this little lot – so here's the question:

The Metros are signed to the record label, 1965 Records. What inspired the name for the label?

Answers on a postcard… or you could just e-mail me the answer at mail

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