Hayseed Dixie - When Washington Comes Around
Album Review

Hayseed Dixie – When Washington Comes Around

Starting off like Travis’ ‘Sing’ then emphatically launching into a rock chord of MOR proportions is the launch-pad for Hayseed Dixie’s new single ‘When Washington comes around’ which is taken from their new album ‘No Covers’.

Hailing themselves as the forerunners of bluegrass gone rock is the template for the ‘Dixie, using an amalgamation of guitars, banjo, strings and violins.

Previously parodying themselves as a novelty act HD seem to be taking on a new and forthright approach with ‘Washington’ which seems to be having a dig at a certain George Bush Jr and a foray into the political arena.
Lyrics such as ‘as long as I get paid and I get laid’ and ‘I don’t think I care, as long as I can still get my share’, ‘he just helps himself to the beers in the fridge and leave the empty bottles on the floor’ – seems like they are painting a metaphor about the White House and their abuse of power.

Musically this is as dull as dishwater and the lyrics even though they seem heartfelt ,I get the impression Hayseed have their tongues firmly in their cheeks with this message.

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